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Two simple words that got us started

It was this mentality that drove Mike Violin to found The Violin Group in 2008 – and it is this same philosophy of challenging the status quo that continues to drive the company forward today.

After finding success early in his career – first as an electrician, then as a project manager – Mike Violin’s penchant for design, building and creativity was left unfulfilled. So, armed with a logo consisting of a stylized version of his last name sketched on a dinner napkin, Mike set out to build a company that would operate a cut above the competition.

With decades of experience, training and know-how, The Violin Group prides itself on a tireless passion for its trade and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection – all while balancing classic principles of design with leading edge technology.

In a world where “close-enough” is often the standard, The Violin Group completes projects that break barriers, defy expectations and demonstrate a quality of work that is painstakingly precise.

At the heart of this drive for performance excellence is a team of innovative individuals who relentlessly push the company to find the smartest solutions possible. Their combined passion, experience and dedication to hard work are a reflection of the company’s values and allow The Violin Group to function as more than the sum of its parts.

However, quality and craftsmanship are only part of the equation; the company also takes a zealous approach to customer service and client collaboration. Striking this perfect balance of quality and service helps The Violin Group create a custom-tailored vision for every project and leave a lasting impression that has become the company’s signature.

The Violin Group has come a long way since Mike’s first sketch on a dinner napkin, but his team remains committed to his original “What if” mentality. Their genuine passion for the work – and the distinct mark of precision and quality – still permeates every project The Violin Group has a hand in.

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